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Monday January 2[edit]

Tuesday January 3[edit]

  • 20%
  • ResourceLoader
    • Talked to Tim about plans to move message parsing from jQueryMsg to the server
    • Wrote up a more detailed plan in a wikitech-l post
  • AFTv5
    • Fixed issue with ClickTracking data format (r107903), have yet to deploy this

Wednesday January 4[edit]

  • AFTv5
    • Deployed yesterday's ClickTracking data format fix
    • Found out logrotate had been truncating the clicktracking log file every morning, destroying AFTv5 clicktracking data
    • Submitted a fix for the logrotate behavior (gerrit 1691) and got Ariel to deploy it
    • Used ClickTracking to track bucketing on the live site for a little while, concluded that the bucketing is distributed correctly
    • Enabled ClickTracking for impressions and inits
  • Reviewed and deployed MoodBar and MarkAsHelpful changes
  • 20%
  • ResourceLoader
    • Assessed the state of the RL2 project with Timo on Skype, updated the wiki page
    • Fixed a few client-side loader bugs with Timo on Skype and Etherpad (r108105)
    • Discussed approach for asynchronous script loading in the head, decided to write a test case tomorrow

Thursday January 5[edit]

  • 20%
    • Did some preliminary reorganization of the Gerrit hooks needed to make specialized lint checks for MediaWiki commits possible. Only half-finished because I don't know Python well enough (gerrit 1794)
  • ResourceLoader
    • Tested asynchronous script loading from the head in a bunch of browsers and found that all support it
      • But later, Timo discovered a regression in Opera. Will look into fixing that tomorrow
    • Implemented async script loading from the head in ResourceLoader, hidden behind an experimental setting (r108184)

Friday January 6[edit]

  • ResourceLoader
    • Fixed legacy script support, was reported broken on TranslateWiki (r108220, r108222)
    • Fixed jqueryMsg errors seen on TranslateWiki (r108230, r108231, r108236)
    • Fixed Opera bug in yesterday's async loading code (r108235)