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Monday October 31[edit]

  • RL2
  • Visual editor
    • Committed insertion code I turned out to have had lying around for a few days (r101436)
    • Rewrote the range breakdown algorithm almost completely from scratch so that it actually works now, and added a bunch of tests (r101439)

Tuesday November 1[edit]

  • Visual editor
    • Fixed a bug I spotted in one of Trevor's commits from yesterday (r101459). I didn't test this either, though. Must write tests.
  • RL2
    • Refactored the repository architecture to separate caching and DB logic (r101469, r101484)
    • Rethought memcached key naming. Things are now cached remotely when possible and locally otherwise, and naming collisions are avoided (r101479)
    • Attempted to fix the behavior of a core hook that was causing hundreds of memcached requests (r101488) but had to revert because of broken parser tests (r101495) and ended up using a static variable cache in the hook function itself instead (r101497)
    • Wrote ForeignAPIGadget repo, will test and commit tomorrow
  • Blacklisted IE6/7 for ArticleFeedback per Erik's request (r101461)

Wednesday November 2[edit]

  • Prepared and executed editor engagement features deployment
    • Fixed broken code in ArticleFeedback (r101611, r101617)
    • Fixed escaping in WikiLove (r101618, r101620, r101621)
    • Reviewed the relevant ArticleFeedback, WikiLove and MoodBar revisions
  • RL2
    • Fixed a bug in core that broke the ForeignAPIGadgetRepo I wrote last night (r101628)
    • Tested my ForeignAPIGadgetRepo code from last night. Surprisingly, it worked flawlessly from the get-go, apart from the aforementioned core bug. Committed in r101627
    • Worked on slides for our presentation on Saturday
  • Merged and submitted the rest of my LocalisationUpdate puppet changes now that Ryan's finally fixed the gerrit permissions issues
  • Fixed permissions errors in the scap script

Thursday November 3[edit]

  • RL2
    • Worked on slides for presentation. Timo ended up rewriting them from scratch using my slides as a base
    • Updated the software and configuration on the RL2 prototype wiki
  • Set up caching headers for WebFonts font files on testwiki and submitted the patchset to the puppet repo
  • Fixed logmsgbot which was broken again

Friday November 4[edit]

  • RL2
    • Wrote testing/prototype documentation at RL2TEST
    • Fixed a bug observed on prototype when zero shared gadgets were present (r101986)
  • Visual editor
    • Generated a bunch of test cases for selectNodes. These exposed bugs that I subsequently fixed (r102037, r102039, r102041)

Saturday November 5[edit]

Attended WCN (Wikimedia Conference NL) and gave a presentation about RL2 with Timo. Slides will be uploaded later.