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Monday October 24[edit]

  • Caught up on e-mail backlog that built up while I was in SF/NOLA and on vacation
  • Guided Niklas as he executed the weekly i18n deployment for the first time
  • Reviewed MoodBar revision r100025,
  • Attended team meeting and 1:1 meeting

Tuesday October 25[edit]

  • More e-mail catch-up, see Monday
  • Random bugfixes I came across while reading e-mail
  • Visual editor: worked on prepareInsertion() and got it to pass some more tests (r100732, r100733, r100757)

Wednesday October 26[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in dumpInterwiki.php (r100798) which thwarted Sam's efforts to fix bug 31428 and deployed the new interwiki map from meta as requested on that bug
  • Made ArticleFeedback support custom rating types properly (r100806). I'd promised the community dept people that they could use AFT on meta for fundraising translations but support for custom rating types was not as good as I thought it was
  • Fixed a regression in ArticleFeedback caused by the above (r100831)
  • Code reviewed outstanding ArticleFeedback revs: r100502, r100503
  • Deployed ArticleFeedback on meta and set it up for the community dept's needs
  • RL2: made the shared gadgets tab on the preferences page work, in the sense that it doesn't throw errors anymore and saves submitted preferences to the DB (r100853, r100855, r100884, r100890)
  • Random code review bits: r100497, r100592

Thursday October 27[edit]

  • Investigated stale search index problems with Robert Stojnic
  • Reviewed MoodBar (feedback dashboard) revisions r100793, r100802, r100803
  • RL2: more work on the shared preferences tab: gave it a spinner (r100967) and split up the gadgets listing by repository (r100970)
  • Visual editor: added new test cases for prepareInsertion, and fixed existing code or added new code to make most of them pass (r100978, r100984, r100991, r100992, r101003, r101008)
  • Deployed all MoodBar changes since August 31, including the feedback dashboard
  • Started work on puppetizing the entire LocalisationUpdate setup, including my proposed changes

Friday October 28[edit]

Saturday October 29[edit]

  • LocalisationUpdate / puppet stuff
    • Did some cleanup in my roanl10nupdate3 and bindir branches (see Friday). Merged bindir into roanl10nupdate3 locally but gerrit was still refusing to let me submit merge commits
  • Backfilled this report for the entire week