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Monday October 3[edit]

Tuesday October 4[edit]

Wednesday October 5[edit]

Thursday October 6[edit]

  • Fixed various 1.18 issues:
    • Minor and bot flags not bolded in RC (r99089)
    • Tablesorter messes up header row if rowspan/colspan is used (r99092)
    • WikiEditor broken in IE (r99097)
    • Namespace filter removed on Special:Contributions (r99102, r99104)
  • Merged and deployed various fixes tagged for 1.18wmf1 (r99094)
  • Temporarily disabled AFT for Cologneblue pending a fix for a layout issue (r99096)
  • Fix bad merge of memcached TTL cap (r99106)

Friday October 7[edit]

Vacation day