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Monday September 19[edit]

  • Reviewed and deployed Narayam fixes for Siebrand et al
  • Reviewed r96944 (WikiEditor change by Amir) but ran into merge conflicts when trying to deploy it. Giving up on it in the hope that it'll be easier to merge into 1.18wmf1
  • Reviewed r97368 (UploadWizard change) because Neil asked

Tuesday September 20[edit]

test2wiki had been migrated to 1.18 while I was asleep

  • Fixed Narayam breakage on the cluster that occurred because I forgot to deploy r96579
  • Debugged and fixed ResourceLoader issues reported against test2wiki: r97607, r97608
  • Fix RTL issues in IE that were caused by r74966: r97623, r97634
  • Merged and deployed those fixes and a few others. Merges in r97635, r97638, r97640
  • Prepared a patch for the RTL issues in IE6 (which I couldn't test because I have no IE6 VM) which Trevor tested and committed in r97661
  • Analyzed the backend requirements for the feedback dashboard and came up with some additional database indexes needed to support the new features

Wednesday September 21[edit]

  • Wrote an API module for the feedback dashboard, but didn't commit it yet
  • Deployed the Babel extension to all wikis, with help from the i18n team and SPQRobin (the author of Babel). Took 2.5 hours, quite a few issues popped up
  • Fixed WikiEditor bug 31069 in r97733

Thursday September 22[edit]


Friday September 23[edit]

Saturday September 24[edit]

Sunday September 25[edit]

  • Feedback dashboard