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Monday September 12[edit]

Tuesday September 13[edit]

Wednesday September 14[edit]

  • RL2: reviewed Timo's recent revisions, addressed comments on my recent revs (r97052, r97055, r97056)
  • RL2: exposed on-wiki messages in the API (r97071, r97092)
  • RL2: started working on the shared gadgets preferences tab. Committed initial work in r97108, then continued on Etherpad
  • RL2: wrote up a prototype setup plan together with Timo
  • RL2: had another crazy Etherpad coding session with Timo where we hashed out some of the refactoring that needed to be done in existing JS code so the preference tab can share code with the gadget manager for doing API calls. Will commit tomorrow
  • Scheduled Babel deployment for next Wednesday
  • Dumped e-mail capture data for Maggie
  • Dealt with some random stuff on IRC (a server spewing errors, fatal errors in LiquidThreads, report of breakage on Twitter, account creation throttle exemption request, report of IRC feed weirdness)

Thursday September 15[edit]

Saturday September 17[edit]

  • Committed some followups to fixme's of mine that were holding back 1.18 (r97377, r97378)

Sunday September 18[edit]