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Monday September 5[edit]

Tuesday September 6[edit]

My ISP executed planned maintenance that killed my internet connection, so I took half the day off.

  • Reviewed the beast that is r91123 (7,102-line diff). Still working on verifying extension hooks didn't break
  • Deployed HTTPS on meta

Wednesday September 7[edit]

  • Fixed bug 30792 (my HTTPS changes broke Squid purging). Fixed it for real after talking to Tim (r96437, r96438)
  • Finished reviewing r91123, marked it fixme because it broke two extensions
  • Reviewed the rest of the WikiPage saga: r91159, r91162, r91327, r93093
  • More code review: r96427, r96460, r96505
  • Churned through most of the 1.18 merge queue, merging 65 revs. Left some unreviewed ones in, as well as Ariel's Export.php/dumpTextPass.php stuff that I really don't want to have to deal with past midnight
  • Merged and deployed 20 revisions in the 1.17wmf1 merge queue, again excluding Ariel's stuff because it didn't merge cleanly at all
  • Deployed a small UploadWizard fix for Ian

Thursday September 8[edit]

Friday September 9[edit]

  • Review Timo's RL2 revisions: r95818, r95961, r96309
  • Committed XML_PARSE_HUGE live hack (r96655)
  • Investigated an RL2 bug reported as a comment on r96013. Turned out to be invalid, but led me to discover another bug that I fixed in r96660
  • Reviewed and deployed Brion's fix for bug 30825

Saturday September 10[edit]

  • Worked on a massive schema change for ArticleFeedback to address counter drift problems (r96722) and came up with a simpler patch that I believe might address the drift behavior in production. If it does, I might have to revert 4 hours of work :(