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Trouble shooting

Q: Resources are showing in red text and *clean project* does not help
A: Close the Android Studio, and remove the project and try to import it again

Q: Problems with loading a Kotlin project?
A: Try to disable the install-run feature

Q: Still have problems with loading a Kotlin project?
A: Remove all Kotlin-related gradle settings in app/build.gradle and build the app. After finishing the build, put the Kotlin-related gradle settings back and build the app again.

Q: Unable to access the release server?
A: Check the settings in ~/.ssh/config

Q: Still cannot access the release server?
A: Make sure the public key in operations/puppet modules/admin/data/data.yaml is correct.

Setup info

Gerrit Setup
SSH config: credit: User:DBrant_(WMF)


PNG Crush
When push a patch that contains PNG or other image files, try to "Crush" before pushing a patch.
Cloud Converter
e.g. SVG to PNG