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"You are not your mother, nor are you me. The path which you seek does not lie behind us. It lies in front of you. It is you who must cut open that path for yourself." — Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, Karel said to Fir

About me

Hi. I'm Lopullinen, a Mainland Chinese with interest in video games. I'm focusing on video game-related articles and interested in the quality assessment system.

I hold several alternative accounts, which includes: Where was I last night?, Muhebbet, 風中的刀劍, D2F0F5 and CAS222222221.

Wikipedia history

Similar to many other Chinese Wikipedians; initially I made contributions to Baidu Encyclopedia, the so-called largest online Encyclopedia in the Chinese-speaking world. Complained about its pending changes system, strict protection policy, and function-limited editor, I turned my attention to the Chinese Wikipedia. Wikipedia broadens my view and makes me realised copyright: copyright violations are common on Baidu Encyclopedia and many other Chinese websites, and someone even treats copyright as "the right to copy".

At first, I followed the style of existing Chinese Wikipedia articles, which with exhaustive fancruft stuff and generally translated from the Japanese Wikipedia. Soon, I saw the English version article about my best-loved game, which marked with a bronze star, and gave me a lesson on how great articles great: focus on development and reception information, and without kinds of bulleted lists. After that, I aim to popularise this concept for the Chinese Wikipedia: by translating recognised articles and guides from the English Wikipedia to counteract negative influence from the Japanese Wikipedia.

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