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About Me

  • I am an ordinary member.
  • Games since 2005 Pokémon
    • I'm fascinated by these creatures.


I am very often in the PokeWiki move.

I think well find the Pokémon. One can look up where you want to catch a specific Pokémon, but it is only after the game play nachzuschauen sense because otherwise lost in the game is. It is a good encyclopedia of Pokémon. The solution I think (despite that I am with the complete project) to be meaningless, since no one will read through completely and you will capture and container whenever also the main articles.

My activity I like to edit this a little trivia. In addition, I look universal Fehlerthred in whether anyone noticed something. Click happy times 'Random Article' and look for errors there.

All texts were translated with Google. The wrong Gramatik and untranslated words can appear his. I ask for excuse.

Other languages: English  • Deutsch