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To be broken out/expanded upon:

  • Requirement to manually add an "under review" template, which can easily be missed
  • No marker in-database to alert to an in-progress review
  • Fragility of EzPR
  • Does not notify main contributors of fail (or pass)
  • No locking, or alerting to a review underway
  • Unable to in any way mark text being reviewed, or carry out limited copyedit work whilst in EzPR
  • Limitation of Make Lead to the main page where associated portals may have lead templates; this tends to result in stale portals
  • Cannot, as part of review, reject completely and move to userspace (Example: a number of university journalism classes have used Wikinews; their submissions should not end up deleted if they fail to pass review in a timely manner, but be moved to the relevant student's userspace).