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Name: Ashwini Kumar
Project Title: Mediawiki + Moodle

Contact/working info[edit]

Timezone: UTC+5:30, Indian Standard Time
Typical working hours: 9 Am to 8 Pm
IRC or IM networks/handle(s): ashwini at freenode in #mediawiki

Project summary[edit]

The main idea behind this project is to bring students /teachers /professors into the wikimedia community and enhances their contribution towards Wikipedia/Wikiversity. If we just think that how many people are actually share,edit,modify or correct information on Wikipedia site then I think the count will be "less" and this is mainly because of the lack of user friendly nature of Wikipedia/Wikiversity. This project can actually make their work easy and take their contribution in sharing information on Wikipedia/Wikiversity. This project is basically developing Hooks which connect Moodle to wikipedia/Wikiversity which is built on Mediawiki. I will also focus on development for Mediawiki--the software and Wikipedia is website which runs on it! So the thing that I am developing should be such configurable that it should work against Wikipedia and any such wiki sites running on Mediawiki.

In this project teachers/students/professor are the sources of information. In today’s net savvy environment teachers /students /Professor are able to access data(like videos/images/text) from websites and share those information with the world around. They also share their articles and notes into Moodle wiki with their students. With the help of this project Wikimedia get more contribution from people. I selected Moodle with mediawiki because it is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle is used by a variety of institutions and individuals, including: Universities , High schools , Primary schools , Government departments , Military organization , Homeschoolers , Independent educators , special educators.


  • We can achieve our objective by following steps:-
The currently rough flow of project
  • Required deliverable:-
  1. Create share on Wikipedia/Wikiversity button and Hooks.
  2. UI of user details page.
  3. Create share now button

Among the deliverable some are explained here:-

Step1:- Create share button on Wikipedia/Wikiversity and Hooks:- This button will help the user in navigating the details about the pages where the user can enter his information .In background of this button Hooks will work.
Step2:- UI of user details page:- This page contains information about the user which include fields like (name/age/specialization/designation etc..)
Step3:- Create a share now button :-It will contain Hooks which do following things in background:-

  1. Fetch all content and user details from moodle wiki page and user details page.
  2. Convert HTML tags into media wiki tags.In this process i am planning to use HTML::WikiConverter.
  3. Hook which Link to Wikipedia/Wikiversity website.
  4. After login into Wikipedia/Wikiversity. It creates page on Wikipedia/Wikiversity of the name of title of wiki and publish information with user information on Wikipedia/Wikiversity.

Pre requisites[edit]

For this projects I believe the main technologies which will be required are as following- Html5, Css,database,PHP,ajax,Javascript. Other ideas are welcome.

If time permits[edit]

If time permits me I will work on these questions.

  1. If a Wiki page already exists with that topic name, then what will be done ?
  2. Can the user choose to merge information from a webpage on the internet titled X to an article on topic Y in Wikipedia? If yes, then any such merging should actually create reference and citation links in the target Wiki page.
  3. When the wiki page is created from a webpage, it should be mentioned explicitly on the wiki page so that people know the source of information and any copyright violations don't happen.

Kindly note there is no mentor for this project. All these idea developed by me. I request if any one experienced person who is interested in my project then become mentor of the project. I am confident about my project but need some more guidelines and help.

Project schedule[edit]

This schedule is built on my understanding. I believe that all these deadlines given for this particular project are achievable. I want suggestions from my mentor and community if they want to add any new feature then that can also be adjusted in the project time line. On 3rd May my University exam will get over.

  • The proposed project flow is as follows:-
  1. 4th May to 20th May :- This would include planning the various aspects of project and creating technical notes.
  2. 21st May to 31st May :- Coding process starts with finalizing front end design. Update repository and get reviewed from mentor.
  3. 1st June to 30th June :- Coding process Start on finalizing back end design (Hooks , html::Wikiconverter). Update repository and get reviewed from mentor.
  4. 1st July to 10th July :- Working on debugging of codes and flow of project.
  5. 11th July to 20th July:- Working on testing of project and modifications.
  6. 21st July to 25th July :- Working on documenting all works , bugs and codes.
  7. 26th July :- I will start focusing on these questions.
  • If a Wiki page already exists with that topic name, then what will be done ?
  • Can the user choose to merge information from a webpage on the internet titled X to an article on topic Y in Wikipedia? If yes, then any such merging should actually create reference and citation links in the target Wiki page.
  • When the wiki page is created from a webpage, it should be mentioned explicitly on the wiki page so that people know the source of information and any copyright violations don't happen.

About Me[edit]

I am 21 year old student currently pursuing my post graduation in master of science in computer application from symbiosis international university I am having a defense background. So I am always punctual about timing and discipline. I got involved in open source world in the month of June 2011 and on the same day I interacted with media wiki through my seniors who developed my college wiki website From that day I got involved in wiki media community, I am working in SDRC(Symbiosis Development Research Center). In SDRC(symbiosis development research center) I worked on my college wiki website and many other projects. I have CMS as part of my course. I taught almost 150 students about how to install and configure media wiki in LAMP environment. I attended wiki media Hackathon Pune 2012.There I met Wikimedia guru’s and worked with Arthur Richards and interacted with Alolita Sharma. She motivated me and I became Mediawiki Hacker. I decided to work for Mediawiki and wikimedia. I came to know about Google Source of code 2012 via our IRC channel and feels that this is great opportunity for me to do more contribution towards mediawiki API. GSOC will give me good experience of World IT working and platform where I will be working for the betterment of millions of people. Main thing is that my code will be used by whole world, So that sounds great to me. That’s why I am excited about goggle source of code.


I have started working with MediaWiki development by getting familiar with the extension building. I am confident of giving my best and of creating all features as per the existing scope of the project.

I will be in constant touch with my mentor and other developers on mailing list informing them of my progress and ask for help when I find it essential. I will be taking suggestions from them at all stages on how to improve the implementation and how to make the most out of this project. The necessary learning part will be done well before the project coding starts along with chunks of implementation. Coding phase will be used for rest of coding implementation and solving of bugs along with the necessary documentation.

Past open source experience[edit]

  • In open source and foss. I worked on Some of major areas.
  1. I worked on my college wiki website on mediawiki and also working for further modification. (major technology Mediawiki)
  2. I worked on drupal CMS and developing my college Intranet. (major technologyDrupal)
  3. I worked on my college placement site which is hosted. This idea generated by my seniors and i further carried this idea. Now that site is hosted. (major technology:-Django and python)
  4. I developed my own blogging cms (goblogger cms). (major technology:-PHP , mysql)
  5. I setup Big blue button webconferencing server for the ERP System of Symboisis international university (major technology:-Big Blue Button)
  6. Currently working on Fossmind Wiki website. (major technology:-mediawiki)
  • Connected with following communities mailing list and also active member of these communities.
  1. Wikimedia community
  2. Clubhack
  3. Nullcon security community
  4. PLUG (Pune linux user group)
  5. PDUG (Pune drupal user group)
  6. FOSSMIND (I am Founder of this community. Whose motive is to spread knowledge of open source and foss.)

I also attended many open source conferences like Pune Wikimedia hackathon 2012, clubhack2012, nullcon 2012, Fossmind 2012, Pycon 2011. I also did some bug fixing under guidence of Authur Richards in Pune Hackathon 2012. I dont remember the number of bug. I also gave many talks on drupal,git,mercurial,mediawiki. I am already set up with Gerrit,fleunt with mediawiki,wikimedia language. Also keen interested in security.I am familier with Backtrack5,metasploit framework,bind9,ssh,scp,LDAP technologies.
I am totally work in opensource environment. I Love and Understand open source and Foss.

Any Other Info[edit]

  • Proof of all my work on open source and development.
  1. :- This is my placement site work repository technology used Django, Python, HTML,JS, Jquery, Database, Mercurial. This is just development level repository.

URL of this project- I am not able to show you the entire project as my college is using my site. But you can check out repository for reference.

  1. :-This is my college wiki website on media wiki. I also contributed in this site and now working on modifications such as accessing site in android mobile.
  1. - This is my blogging cms in LAMP environment in PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQl.
  1. - This is my project which is bit copy of twitter. I was just trying to make similar web application in JAVAEE using net-beans IDE ,mysql, h library (for HTML),JSF,beans.
  • Proof of track report and documentation
  2. This is Proof of my Fossmind community development work and talk sessions which i did till now in Fossmind meeting.
  3. This is track report work of my placement site which i mentioned above. You can also see some of the repository and wiki,issues,bugs report of my work etc.
  4. :- Here also you can find track report and repository of my go blogger blogging cms. Which i develop in php,mysql,html,css.
  5. :- This is track report of my dissertation work in Django and python,html,css.
  6. :- This is track report of my drupal work. Bit going slow because of lack of people. But working on it.