I opened the links to explore MediaWiki and Wikimedia, and to tell you the truth it was my first time on both of those two websites. I have used and edited pages on Wikipedia but I have never been on those two particular open source wiki packages and internal technical documentations.

Moreover, I was very panicky when I opened up MediaWiki. I wasn’t too confused on how it worked but felt really weird to be looking at it for the first time. I started on learning how to navigate it and edit pages on it which was actually pretty easy, and I probably could have done it without reading about it. I downloaded it right away without hesitation, and I was pleased to see how easily I figured out how to use this software. My impression on the website itself was that it was really cool to see how people dedicated their time to help make up this user friendly site. I liked the idea of people coming together to help others who didn’t have as much as we did or those who simply need more help figuring something out. I liked how the website gave easy access to figuring stuff out so you don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to open or edit something.

In conclusion, I really wasn’t all too scared to be using this site. I was first like “Oh god, I don’t want to go on it.” but it was a really resourceful site in general. We need open sources like this because we need other points of views on things, and it’s always better to leave room for brand new ideas on certain topics. I would like to thank both MediaWiki and Wikimedia for being really easy to navigate and go through, I barely got frustrated on working things out. I love the idea of this but we need more editors to make sure people don’t just fool around and write unhelpful stuff on Wiki pages.