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Initially posted at Desktop Improvements feedback

Brief summary of how I imagine the new design:

  1. Fixed header (from Timeless and Minerva)
    1. Sidebar tab icons: TOC, site navigation (hamburger?), article tools, bookmarks
    2. Small logo
    3. Search bar
    4. Language bar
    5. Button bar for user tools
      1. Echo alerts and notifications icons
      2. Watchlist and User contributions icons
      3. Cogwheel icon for skin settings, theme selector
      4. User menu drop-down icon optionally with user-name (from Timeless)
  2. Multi-tab collapsible left sidebar
    1. TOC (primary)
      • Smooth scrolling animation
    2. Site navigation
      • Links re-prioritized
    3. Article tools and gadgets
  3. Content
    1. Vector tabs ("Join discussion, Edit history, Edit, Edit source") moved on one line with article title, next to each other
      • Protection expressed by "View source" button with a padlock icon instead of edit buttons
      • Discuss and Edit buttons emphasized for logged-in users
    2. Sticky section-headers, paragraph icon, edit icon to its right
    3. Collapsible sections, at least the linking sections at the bottom: See also, Notes, References, Further reading, External links
  4. Collapsible right sidebar (enabled by default on wide screens)
    1. Article tools bar also available on the right sidebar for increased editor efficiency
    2. Article activity stats panel
    3. History panel (recent edits, possibly combined with activity stats)
    4. Discussions panels (recent comments on talk page)
  5. Color themes (experimental project): white, paper, dark themes, user created themes, theme crafting competitions.

Some of these features that aren't available yet (bookmarks, activity stats, history panels) are listed to ensure their place in the design.