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About me[edit]


I'm the admin for All Car Wiki an automotive wiki encyclopedia which I'm hoping will one day contain every make and model of every car. I've tried to make allcarwiki a little different than other wikis and especially different to wikipedias style as i'm aiming to have a wiki where there is no limit to the information. I often get annoyed when information is deleted from wikipedia because it's considered to be "too long". In my opinion, you can never have enough information as long as it's well sectioned. With that in mind I hope to have even the most obscure car references and details on my site.

I've been a car enthusiast since I was fifteen, and have always been interested in learning as much as possible about the cars I own, and wish to own. Working on cars has always been a passion and previously resources such as Haynes manuals have been invaluable, unfortuanetely, with the large volume of cars that exist today it is impossible to cover all makes and models in all markets, however, I hope that with the aid of the automotive community to make All Car Wiki a complete resource where you can find anything and everything about cars.