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Alangi Derick (d3r1ck)
Alangi Derick (d3r1ck)
Volunteer Software Developer, Wikimedia Movement
What is hidden from the wise can never be revealed to the ignorant

About me

Hello All! I'm a student and holder of a BEng (Bachelor in Engineering) degree from the University of Buea, Cameroon. In the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects, interested in fixing bugs in MediaWiki and its extensions, and I love contributing to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and an open movement. I have worked with many extension so far including MediaWiki itself and I wish to continue working on more and more extensions; Echo, MobileFrontend, Gather, Newsletter, Mailgun, Thanks, Gather, Wikidata, etc. Also, I am interested in community building along the lines of the activities of the Wikimedia movement and my interest is both aligned in the direction of technical and non-technical. In addition, I am also a freelance developer in some cooperate start-ups/companies in my community and have worked on enormous number of projects which provides solutions to people in Cameroon, Africa and the World at large. I dream to one day work in the Wikimedia Foundation as a software engineering or work under the technical department and also to work at Google as a Software Engineer.

My work

  • Since I joined (Sept 2015) the Wikimedia Foundation, I have always had the burning desire to contribute as much as I can for this organisation in a technical and non-technical approach. As for my technical contributions, you can checkout my fixed bugs on Gerrit here: Bugs Fixed and other contributions like those on phabricator (and my phab handle is: @d3r1ck01).
  • I am also co-authoring the Mailgun extension together with Tony Thomas (Author).
  • Have mentored in the Google Code In program in the years; 2015 and 2016, you can checkout the list of mentors here: Mentor List 2015, Mentor List 2016.
  • During the GSoC#2016, I worked on IFTTT support for Wikipedia project by extending the app by supporting RSS feeds, Wikidata triggers and having a fully functional unit test suits automation. To view the full description, check out the link: Full Project Description. My mentors for this project were: Stephen LaPorte, Lydia Pintscher, Marius Hoch and Benedikt Seidl.
  • Co-founder of the Wikimedia Community User Group Cameroon (in the making). Check our page here: WMCUGC Page.

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