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Derick N. Alangi (a.k.a d3r1ck)
Derick N. Alangi (a.k.a d3r1ck)
V. Software Developer, Wikimedia
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About me

Hey, I (Q29642872) volunteer for the Wikimedia movement as a Software Developer (from Africa, precisely Cameroon) working on MediaWiki and it's extension & other Wikimedia projects for over 2 years now. As part of my core activities, I am assisting in the running of various user groups and projects:

My work

It's with great pleasure and love to work on open source projects such as MediaWiki and other Wikimedia projects that power free knowledge, see my Technical Contributions. Author of SendGrid MW Extension and co-author of Mailgun MW Extension, past Google Summer of Code participant (first black GSoC contributor ever) for the Wikimedia Foundation in the year 2016. Have also been participating as a mentor for the Google Code-In(GCI) program for Wikimedia in 2015, 2016 & 2017. Currently an Oureachy Round 15 mentor for Wikimedia.
My Sub-Pages

Contact me

Note: Trying to keep things & content on this page very small and simple about me. This is just a summary of my works. Feel free to ping me and lets talk :). You can read about how I started and evolved in the Wikimedia movement via this little story of mine. The story is not complete, it just mentions my striking achievements in the Wikimedia movement.

Disclaimer: I don't work for the Wikimedia Foundation or any of its Chapters but I'm co-founder of a Wikimedia User Group which is affiliated to the Wikimedia Foundation, also, I'm a regular volunteer developer for the Wikimedia movement.