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Derick N. Alangi (a.k.a d3r1ck)
Derick N. Alangi (a.k.a d3r1ck)
Volunteer Developer & AffCom Member, @ Wikimedia
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About me

I'm (Q29642872) a volunteer (with this account) in the Wikimedia movement (from Cameroon) working on MediaWiki & related projects for over 3 years now. Some activities I've engaged in include:

My work

Some of my Gerrit technical contributions to MediaWiki & related projects. Selected as an Affiliations Committee (AffCom) member in 2017, previously a GSoC participant 2016, (pioneer African to Wikimedia). Also, I've been mentoring Google Code-in (GCI) program for Wikimedia from 2015, mentored Outreachy Round 15 (2017) for Wikimedia. Currently a GCI 2018 Mentor + Org Admin for Wikimedia.

My Sub-Pages

Contact me

  • Mail:
  • GitHub: ch3nkula
  • IRC nick: d3r1ck on Freenode
  • Channels: #wikimedia-dev, #wikimedia-dev-africa

Note: Things should be kept simple so, this is just a summary of my works. Feel free to ping me and lets talk :). You can read about how I started and evolved in the Wikimedia movement via this little story of mine. The story isn't complete, it just mentions remarkable achievements in the Wikimedia movement about me.