MediaWiki is a website started by Wikimedia Organization. WikiMedia Organization was started to share wisdom. Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world as told by WikiMedia . The famous Encyclopedia 'Wikipedia' is also a part of this. MediaWiki is an open source software. This verifies that this organization was never started for commercial gains but only for sharing wisdom as I said before. Its codes are available in PHP. I am an all time fan of WikiPedia and its creators. I was overwhelmed when I came to know that MediaWiki is providing tasks on Google-melange & I wanted to be the first one to get the task. I have tried three of the tasks by WikiMedia. There I found this website.I had opened this site quite many times but thought of it as boring because of its UI.Now I regret of not trying it before. One of the easiest things to do is to sign up for an account. You will be asked for a Username, Password, a security check and an optional e-mail address. UI should have been more elegant.The UI can be improved without bearing the loss of of the basic layout of the page. My suggestions for the page will be :

  1. Get some new symbols.
    Your current logo doesn't make any sense and its colors too bright which make it look less elegant.All logos that I like have a little simple look. The logo of Media Wiki has a flower which logo doesn't make any sense.
  2. New ideas for organizing data can help.
    While searching for a word in the search text box ,links like - 'look for the meaning in Wiktionary','search for article on wikipedia' can be provided. Links like'Try Other Websites By WikiMedia Organization' can also be added at the end of each page with the names and logos of other websites started by WikiMedia. This will help the users to explore the topics of which he/she wants to information and also help the page to introduce new websites started by it. In the left panel, make folder of essays written by the user.
  3. A small manual can be made regarding the content, signing up and a little information about the organization.
    By manual I mean a wiki page with information about -(i)the type of content available on the website; (ii)its purpose;(iii) what can a user do them. They are important for a user.
  4. MediaWiki is a nice website but not famous.It should be publicised.
    Advertising is like the worst dream I can have. Compertitions can be organized with small prizes. This will make millions of other people aware of the organization, it's purpose and will also benefit them.
  5. Make the page more resourceful.
    You can add options like debate and latest news can be provided.This will encourage people to open the page more often to get informed about the latest happenings and will also help the website achieve its goal of sharing knowledge.
  6. Don't not advertise on your page as your website will not be open anymore.
    Advertising will make it difficult for the people to reach the depth of knowledge.It interepts in between the work which make a person get mad.
  7. Provide IRC.
    This allows the users to share knowledge not only in the forms of essays and report but also in a personal way and user which don't want to share their personal thinking on a large scale will feel comfortable.