About me[edit]

Hello my name is Sandro, i'm actual 32 years old and my current residence is located in Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Current projects[edit]

  • Translating on with the translation extension.
  • Translating key manuals from english to german—help from germans and highly knowledgeable native english speakers much appreciated. Here some stuff, that i haved already began to translating;

Main tasks[edit]




1 Englisch, 2 Entwurf, 3 Deutsch 4 nicht vorhanden


(deutsch/german: Anleitungen/Handbücher)

Maintenance scripts[edit]

Eine lange Liste verschiedener Wartungsskripte, teilweise sind bei einigen Übersetzungen vorhanden. Eine kleine Zahl hinter einem Handbuch gibt einen genauen Status an.

1 Englisch, 2 Entwurf, 3 Deutsch, 4 nicht vorhanden

My own wiki and its problems[edit]

  • Most gadgets and eventually a lot of js scripts don't working, including vector skin options and much more. Any help is appreciated.


All extensions are installed/running under MW version 1.19.1 and some of its features or functions does not fully working and need eventually further development to work fine.

Extension/Other Description Version Notes
WikiEditor Is sometimes not loaded when a page is opened 0.3.1 it looks now that it works better

Some helpful templates[edit]

  • /warned (usage is {{subst:User:Abani79/warned}})