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Design Research collaborates with Design, Analytics, Engineering, Product and the Wikipedia Community in order to help define what, at a high level teams should build and why (Generative Research). Also, Design Research supports iteration of concepts and functionality toward a usable and intuitive experience for users (Evaluative Research). Design Research, including both generative and evaluative research rely on a large toolkit of research methodologies to provide findings infroming decision making, concept development and concept iteration. Though the design team has been performing evaluative research to support iteration, design research is a new department at Wikimedia Foundation, and is growing and evolving to support the movement, the community and the foundation.

Project Queuing[edit]

Trello Planning Board (private)


Wikimedia Research Portal

Teams and Projects[edit]


Editor LIfe cycle

Core Features[edit]


  • past research
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  • Future


Fundraising Tech[edit]

Project 1

Project 2


Account creation

Guided Tour

Onboarding New Wikipedians

Draft Namespace

Wikipedia article creation


Heuristic Evaluation for Visual Editor (iOS)

Guerilla Testing for iOS App

Guerilla Testing iOS ipad Visual Editor

Heuristic Evaluation for Mobile Web Visual Editor (Android)

Multi Media[edit]


User Experience / Beta Features[edit]

Winter / Fixed Header

Visual Editor[edit]

Current Research[edit]


Mobile Web Android

Moble Web iOS

Mobile App Android

Moble App iOS


Current Research

Research Being Planned

Research Wish List

Completed Research

Tools[edit] — Unmoderated remote scripted usability testing — Unmoderated card sorting tool —Unomderated survey tool with some analysis tools