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These personas are defined in relation to their information needs for the purpose of creating and maintaining documentation for MediaWiki and Wikimedia projects.

As a developer, I want to include Wikimedia content in my app.[edit]

  • Read-only access to Wikimedia content (edge case: uploading files)
  • May not be involved with a Wikimedia project community
  • Primary concerns
    • Formats
    • Needing to do as little as possible on my side/getting exactly what I need or as close as possible
    • Performance/optimization/limits
    • Searching/knowing what to ask for
  • User journey
    • I understand what is available
    • I am inspired by example projects
    • I know how to get started

I want to use Wikimedia data in my research or data analysis.[edit]

I want to customize my wiki experience in my browser.[edit]

  • Discover preferences and gadgets
  • Write custom CSS and JS
  • Submit user scripts for inclusion as gadgets (tied to a specific project community)

I want to automate maintenance tasks for a Wikimedia project.[edit]

  • Gadgets, tools, and bots
  • Tied to a specific project community
  • Discover and use existing tools
  • Request a tool
  • Maintain a tool
  • Develop a tool

As someone new to open source, I want to contribute to open source.[edit]

As an experienced developer, I want to contribute to a Wikimedia open source project.[edit]

  • Contribute to MediaWiki core (PHP) or extensions (PHP + JavaScript)
  • Contribute to tools used and requested by project communities

I want to contribute documentation to a Wikimedia project.[edit]

As a PHP developer, I want to develop new functionality for MediaWiki.[edit]

  • Extensions (PHP + JavaScript)

I want to run my own wiki using MediaWiki.[edit]

  • MediaWiki platform docs at

I’m interested in what the technical community is doing.[edit]