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user-revi project is a personal tracking project for me. I have some rules, and I'm saving this on my user page to help me remember the rules.


No thanks.
  • Please don't touch anything (except adding tasks to the project) in the project. Your help in sorting is appreciated but I'd better aware of the tasks in the project.
    • If you have a good faith belief that I would be interested in that task, you may add that task to this project, but if I remove it from the project, please don't re-add it.
  • If your username is not revi, please do not change the column.


  • New tasks I haven't categorized yet. This is generally empty, even on "All tasks" mode.


  • I'm not working on the task, but I have a substantial interest (more than just subscribing) in the particular task.
  • This is the default for the tasks I created.


  • I am supposed to process the ticket, but not right now or this week. It can wait for the future.


  • I'm actively working on the project.
  • Usually less than 5, because I am not an immortal.


  • Task status is not "Open" or "Stalled", and I took care of the task.
  • If the task is for work, (regardless of the actual status of the task,) I'm done with the task.