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Things to do to make Commons prototype ready for Calcey or other testers[edit]

prototype uploadwizard-deploy branch

Prep environment[edit]

Current plan is to use /uwd as a hybrid test platform -- it will draw its UploadWizard extension from trunk, but the core changes will be from the uploadwizard-deployment branch created by RoanKattouw. (NeilK)

Fix missing templates[edit]

Template:Information and others seem to still be missing from the prototype wiki (or were somehow lost)? (guillaume)

Seems to work, based on the highly scientific method consisting of hitting Special:Random/File a few dozen times. guillom 23:26, 10 November 2010 (UTC)

Indicate the necessity of uploading unique images / files[edit]

We won't be making any way to "reset" the wiki yet.

Supply Calcey with instructions / maybe some sample files.