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Last update on: 2012-06-25


The UCOSP project moved into a feature freeze for the time being for a nice relaxing reading break. Currently the team is targeting bugs, cleaning things up and improving usability in the v0.1 Alpha release. Check their to-do list for the next steps.


The UCOSP team is releasing a beta version of the app, and looking for beta testers and feedback on the development thus far.


After Spring Break, the student team worked through the blocking bugs, and released their first beta of the Android app. The current effort is to recruit beta testers to get feedback, and deal with the resulting bugs. The project will be featured in an upcoming panel presentation at the Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education.


Wiktionary Mobile RC2 is available for download, and we're looking for beta testers for this release candidate. Team members are scattering for the summer term; some will be able to continue work on the Android app, while others are beginning to plan an iOS edition. The project will be featured at the Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education on May 4–5, 2012, in Vancouver, with team members participating in a panel for the Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects.


The app is now live in Google Play