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Twiki is another wiki engine.

Twiki to MediaWiki[edit]

Twiki-to-Mediawiki (January 2017) is a project to import a TWiki web into Mediawiki. It converts basic syntax (including links, emphasis, lists, headers, and tables), imports pages (using MediaWiki maintenance scripts), preserves timestamps and authorship, uploads attached files (e.g. images) and updates inline links to those files, imports the table of interwiki links, correctly handles transclusion and redirects, maps several TWiki variables to (approximate) MediaWiki equivalents, and also includes mappings from several TWiki plugins (EFetchPlugin, LatexModePlugin, DirectedGraphPlugin) to the equivalent MediaWiki extensions (PubmedParser, Math, GraphViz). It's supported by a suite of tests and is derived from the script linked below (though it has grown considerably since then). Its only dependency is Perl (and, of course, MediaWiki).

Some other programs:

MediaWiki to Twiki[edit]

See MediaWikiToTWikiAddOn on

There is also initial work on a Twiki plugin to read MediaWiki syntax.