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i18n docs (formerly known as Betawiki) is a localisation platform for translation communities, language communities, and free software projects. It started out with localisation for MediaWiki. Later support for MediaWiki extensions, FreeCol, OpenStreetMap, Etherpad Lite and other free software projects was added.

Over 300 localisations of MediaWiki and its extensions use as a convenient translation medium, as well as for coordination and maintenance. Mantis, FreeCol and Mwlib.rl can also be translated in More projects are welcome.

You can participate in the translation effort into a language you know. The translations of the MediaWiki interface into new languages for requested projects of the Wikimedia Foundation are also done there.

This project is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation projects, but it is supported by the Wikimedia Language team and volunteers. is an associated project of non-profit fiscal sponsor called Software in the Public Interest. The translation functionality is provided by a MediaWiki extension.

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