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Articles for deletion (fawiki) on Admin stats

Summary by MusikAnimal

Top Edits can be used, and the author of AfD Stats may be able to expand it to work for fawiki

Jeeputer (talkcontribs)

Hi. The Admin stats tool does not count user's edits to Articles for Deletion, Administrator's Noticeboard (There's just a single noticeboard on Persian Wikipedia) and Requests for Page Protection pages. I think we should provide local names of base pages to the tool.

Local pages which should be provided to the tool are:

  • "Articles for Deletion": "ویکی‌پدیا:نظرخواهی_برای_حذف" (link).
  • "Administrator Intervention against Vandalism": "ویکی‌پدیا:تابلوی_اعلانات_مدیران" (link)
  • "Requests for Page Protection": "ویکی‌پدیا:درخواست_محافظت_صفحه" (link)

Thank you.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

It would be neat, but these are all wiki-specific processes so they don't naturally fit into XTools. As you suggest, we could make it configurable, and that's doable to an extent. The bigger issue I think is how slow it would be. It might work fine for fawiki, but for enwiki and other larger wikis the queries would probably always timeout. It is probably pointless to try to count edits to Administrator Intervention against Vandalism (AIV) and Requests for Page Protection (RFPP) on the English Wikipedia, for example. I see queries fail when they are requesting just a single user to a single page (using Top Edits). AfD could be a big hassle as well as it relies on querying multiple pages, and some wikis might not even follow the same process and hence XTools wouldn't work for them.

Overall I argue these stats belong as a separate tool. Admin Stats is supposed to only show "administrative actions", anyway, and merely making edits to admin-ish pages (that may or may not involve actual "administrative edits") would go against the point, I think. Sorry!

Jeeputer (talkcontribs)

Actually, I thought that the tool is currently showing those stats for English Wikipedia, but looks like it doesn't. so the whole "edit to a page" stats thing is not working for all wikis. Am I right?

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

There's Top Edits that you can use to count and see which edits a user has made to a specific page (or which pages they've edited the most), if that's what you mean. For enwiki, there's also AfD Stats for AfD. The author may be willing to expand that tool to do other wikis, especially if they have a similar structure to enwiki's. For enwiki's AIV, there was toolforge:aivanalysis, but it has been broken for a while. But no, XTools never counted these things as part of Admin Stats.

Jeeputer (talkcontribs)

Thank you. Top Edits is exactly what I meant. I will communicate with AfD Stats about the expansion. Regards.