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ArticleInfo gadget with Minerva skin

Sarbz (talkcontribs)

Is it possible to use the ArticleInfo gadget with the Minerva mobile web skin? Enabling it in Gadgets under Preferences (on English Wikipedia) only enables it for desktop skins, and manually installing it by adding the script to my global.js page doesn't enable it for Minerva either.

PAC2 (talkcontribs)

Using the Minerva skins, informations are displayed at the bottom of the article instead of the top of the article. Does it work for you?

Sarbz (talkcontribs)

But I don't see it at the bottom either. I'm looking for the line that is shown in this image that includes the article's assessment, number of revisions, number of editors, etc.

Yahya (talkcontribs)

Try this scriptā€“ mw.loader.load('');

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