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Nuke is just queueing rather than mass-deleting pages?

Clump (talkcontribs)

Hi all. Over the last day or two it seems mass deleting pages is (sometimes) just resulting in a response listing each page as "... has been queued for deletion." rather than actually deleting them. The queued pages can still be deleted individually, one by one, so it's nothing to do with the pages themselves, and despite the queueing message they do not actually seem to be eventually deleted, at least not on a short time scale (1/2hr or so). Is this intentional or a bug, and if intentional how do I encourage the delete queue to be processed?

Hmm. Eventually worked, just took ~45min to do so.

Pppery (talkcontribs)

The change to make the deletion queued instead of immiedate was an intentional result of phab:T212690. It taking more than half an hour for the pages to be actually deleted is probably a bug, but I have no means of investigating it, and I just did a deletion of a translation page using Special:PageTranslationDeletePage (which has always been queued), and it was processed very quickly.

Clump (talkcontribs)

Thanks. It is very intermittent---mostly it is still very responsive, but sometimes it is just not. The fix to batch things seems good, but yes, taking dramatically longer than it takes to delete each one manually, one by one does seems like a flaw.

Legoktm (talkcontribs)

I re-opened T188679, we probably need to prioritize these jobs in the job queue.

Clump (talkcontribs)

Ok; thanks!

Clump (talkcontribs)

As an additional data point, a mass delete of the 24 pages created by 2A02:2788:6B4:ABF:6D66:5460:8B5C:708D did not make any progress in ~13hrs.