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Creating a user's board and username change request

TheReadOnly (talkcontribs)

Hello Team/SRE

I have two requests.

  1. Can a user/community volunteer create their own board without creating a project / team? For example, or Because, Tracking actions with just my username tags would be a lot helpful on phab rather than tracking this on my page as the page will get cumbersome sooner than later when I add tasks further.
  2. As I mostly see the username change requests on this discussions page, can you please change my username from "TheReadOnly" to "SDineshKumar" or "SDK" on I think reflects in Phab automagically.

Thank you


AKlapper (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@TheReadOnly Hi, one Phabricator workboard is always bound to one Phabricator project tag, and vice versa. The username change requests on this Phabricator Help talk page refer to changing usernames in Phabricator itself.

TheReadOnly (talkcontribs)

Thanks AKlapper. So, Do you mean the following ?

  1. So I need to create a project with my own name to have a board for myself. Am I right with this? If so, Can I create a board with my username? Hopefully, that wouldn't collide with the work and board of existing users and their tags and other than just adding tags to them.
  2. On username stuff, So to change my user name on Phab, Can I remove my MediaWiki Account and add a new account(needs creation) that says "SDineshKumar" as my username and would that make Phab to use it as my username rather than "TheReadOnly". This change is not priority for me. But, I feel the need to understand the systems better and unify the username so as to create confusion.
TheReadOnly (talkcontribs)
AKlapper (WMF) (talkcontribs)
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