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Issue with CirrusSearch

Summary by DCausse (WMF)
Pooja2425 (talkcontribs)

Iam using these

MediaWiki 1.35.1
PHP 7.4.15 (apache2handler)
MySQL 8.0.25
Elasticsearch 6.5.4

But when trying to use php extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/UpdateSearchIndexConfig.php , facing below issue.

I havent changes anything in my Localsettings.php just used and not using elasticsearch Php Client yet..

wfLoadExtension( 'Elastica' );

wfLoadExtension( 'CirrusSearch' );

$wgDisableSearchUpdate = true;

indexing namespaces...

PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of Elasticsearch\Endpoints\Indices\Exists::getParamWhitelist() must be compatible with Elasticsearch\Endpoints\AbstractEndpoint::getParamWhitelist(): array in /data/www/html/wiki135/extensions/Elastica/vendor/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/src/Elasticsearch/Endpoints/Indices/Exists.php on line 45

please suggest.