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Discrepancy betewen Ec live edits and 'reverted' tag count

Mathglot (talkcontribs)

Is the 'live edit count' displayed by the ec tool working properly? If I look at the contribution history of user Caustic3 for example, a page search for the string 'Reverted' yields 42 occurrences (out of 112 total edits). However, the ec tool shows "100% live / 0% deleted". It's not like the "deleted" figure is pegged at zero; running it against my username shows 417 deleted edits. Why the discrepancy? Mathglot (talk) 23:24, 20 June 2021 (UTC)

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

Deleted edits refers to edits to pages that have been deleted. These edits are visible to admins at Special:DeletedContributions. Reverted edits are considered "live" in the sense they haven't been deleted (they're visible at Special:Contributions). It's of course possible and likely that the content introduced with reverted edits are no longer visible on the page, though.

More info at XTools/Edit Counter#Deleted edits. I've added a note about reverted edits.

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