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Cirrus does not work on namespace

Kims79 (talkcontribs)


On our wiki, it seems that cirrus systematically returns an error when searching for files, models, modules, etc.

For exemple : /index.php?search=Template%3Aico&title= Sp%C3%A9cial%3ARecherche&profile=advanced&fulltext=1&ns0=1

Do you know where this problem could come from?


DCausse (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Could you provide more details about the errors? Errors might be found in the mediawiki logs and in the elasticsearch logs.

If the problem is only when searching non-default namespaces it is possible that the general index was not properly created. You can check this by listing all the indices from elasticsearch: curl elastic_host:9200/_cat/indices. If you don't see an index named mywiki_general but only mywiki_content then it's probably the reason of your problem.

To solve this you must create and populate the general index running:

  • php $MW_INSTALL_PATH/extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/UpdateOneSearchIndexConfig.php --type general
  • Rerun the ForceSearchIndex scripts like you did when setting up CirrusSearch (see the README file)
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