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<pdf> embed fails to load document on all but first tab

Summary by Zed4242

Resolved by updating PdfEmbed Extension

Zed4242 (talkcontribs)

I use the PDFEmbed extension. The pdf viewer is displayed and the document loads under the default tab. The pdf viewer is displayed but the document fails to load under all other tabs. When the markup is configured to display the second page of the document (e.g., <pdf page=2>File:filename.pfd</pdf>), the pdf viewer is still blank showing page 1/1 until one of the viewer resize buttons is clicked. This forces the viewer to load and display the document. Again, the viewer appears and correctly loads pdf documents only under the first tab. All other tabs display a blank viewer until clicking a button on the viewer (e.g., resize), which then causes the document to load and display properly.

It would appear that the markup is fully executed only for the default header tab page. Is there a way to force complete execution of markup content under all header tabs on the wiki page?