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HirnSpuk (talkcontribs)
SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Yes, of course! Thank you for that. Your comment is really good, useful, clearly honest, very far from disheartening. Also, my apologies for this late reply. I'm right back after Easter holidays.

As you could have noticed, we've replaced that prototype with a different one, so some of your (good) tips weren't relevant anymore. Also, improving some imperfections was not reasonable. This was meant to be just a prototype and work insofar as it was about the header.

In principle though, you were right. A lot of users did write about parts of the prototype we weren't asking for. This means those people have invested their (precious, because belonging to volunteers) time not as effectively as they could. On the other hand, this wasn't wasted effort because we read everything.

Also, thank you for your discussion on German-language Wikibooks. The improvements will never work or look properly if there's no help from the local community, and I'm really glad you're being proactive. It's rather uncommon.

HirnSpuk (talkcontribs)

Good, I wasn't sure, since I was searching for your "home"-wiki :-).

So, did I understand correctly, you already asked for feedback? Because I didn't see a message somewhere in german wikis. Why did you ask for german translation then? When I found the feedback-Site, which btw seems not to be linked properly from the feedback-question-site, I saw, there seems to be no german feedback?

No, I didn't realize, that you replaced the prototype. I just took a look. Hmm... Would you like more feedback by me?

Regarding the wasted effort, wasn't this double wasted effort then? Because the feedback was given about things not asked, and next you read everything you are actually not interested in?

To be totally honest, I'm proactive, because I think the communities are probably not given a real choice. On the other hand, there's always a thin line between (speaking from a community perspective): "We really don't like the STUFF" and "we really don't like the NEW stuff" (although it's more than necessary). Though it's not that hard to be proactive at the moment, because right now I'm liking pretty much what I see about the new skin. I'm highly sceptical to your prototype though. Some nice Ideas but mostly just cosmetics. As I said, I'd be happy to give feedback if you like, I'm under the impression, that it's too late to do it the meant-to-be-way.

There is a really big point on building a new interface: mobil access AND(!) editing. At the moment both is really hard! The normality right now at our wiki is, almost nobody is paying attention how mobile devices are used. Some users even write code to switch to desktop view by default, when clicking a link on top of a page. That is a bad sign, if the desktop-Version is deemed more usable on mobile. So I have high hopes for the new vector!

I'm sorry, it got a little long, feel free to ask for more... I'd be happy to


SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@HirnSpuk, thanks for this reply! I'd just like you to know that I'll read and answer to this next Tuesday (April 13th) as I'll be out of office until Monday.

SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Alright, I'm sorry for the delay. Here are my answers:

  1. You haven't seen a message anywhere in German wikis, because we've decided to split the feedback rounds. We've finished the first round already. English and German users will notice the banners soon, within two weeks.
  2. Before we released the prototype, we made a decision: this is not ideal, doesn't look exactly like real wiki pages, but it's good enough. It's just a temporary, disposable tool. The feedback and how we use it is the crucial part. This is why I haven't asked for more opinions about the prototype itself.
  3. Regarding the double wasted feedback you mention... I prefer to take advantage of whatever feedback we receive. When volunteers say they're confused by the limited width or something else, it means we need to explain the decision better, review something, improve something. It's not like I only read what I'm interested in, no way!
  4. Yes, mobile editing does require more effort. We'd like to make Vector more responsive. In parallel, other teams of the Foundation are and will be working on the dedicated support for mobile.
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