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About Second prototype testing/Feedback page

CapoFantasma97 (talkcontribs)


I'm sorry dude but this page is terrible. New Section button doesn't properly work; I had to add my feedback by manually source editing. We users posting feedback have to wrestle each other to add our posts, as they often fall into conflicts, due to simultaneous publishing. Page gets occasionally messed up, because of all of this too.

May I suggest using Discussion pages for posting feedback next time, since there's a working "Add Discussion" button in those? Or reviewing the system to post feedback.

SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Thank you for your notice. The New Section button should allow us to avoid edit conflicts because it always adds new lines to the text, just as in village pumps/bars, or requests to admins.

Do you maybe remember what you did, step by step, that turn out not to be working?

Anyway, I've added a magic word displaying "Add topic" for those who might have similar issues as you've had.

CapoFantasma97 (talkcontribs)

I attempted this multiple times before because of the problems I had, and this is what I experienced: Pressing "Add topic" before would keep opening the whole page in Visual Editing mode on my side, instead of opening the editor to add a topic. Sometimes, it would open up a Edit Section mode instead, but when I used that to post my feedback, it overwrote the whole page and I had to quickly revert. In the end, I manually posted my feedback by editing the page with the Source Editor (because when I used the Visual Editor, it didn't post the whole section of mine, but just the last row).

Now, it seems to be alright, as it opens up a page similar to when adding discussions, in Source mode.

I suspect something similar might have happened to others too, as the page has been occasionally messed up (at some point there was even a random user sign on top of the main module!).

The added magic word is reliable instead.

I've never had any problems in any other parts of MediaWiki or Wikipedia. I've been creating, translating and editing a variety of articles for wikipedia, posted plenty of feedback for the Wikipedia Translations project, and partaken in some other discussions on MediaWIki, and I've never encountered these strange behaviors.

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