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After upgrading from 1.34 to 1.35 I have several pages that won't display anymore.

I get a "There is currently no text in this page." message.

When I navigate to the Category for those pages I see they are all prepended with


Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

do you have a namespace with id number 108 defined? You probably should.

Ammarpad (talkcontribs)

Extension_default_namespaces#Semantic_MediaWiki suggests Semantic MediaWiki Concept's namespace uses the id. If you didn't create the namespace manually (for instance with $wgExtraNamespaces), that probably means you used to have SM and now you uninstalled it. You've to redefine the namespace, and then either move the pages and then remove the namespace/or extension that provides it again or continue using the namespace name. In short deleting namespace is not yet straightforward.

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