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Summary by AKlapper (WMF)

Off-topic here as this talk page is about using Phabricator; not on-wiki configuration or software development priorities

Akmaie Ajam (talkcontribs)

Hi, I'm Akmaie Ajam. Why it takes so long to replace FlaggedRevs? In, it just takes setting wgFlaggedRevsOverride to true. Why it takes a year or more to do it (The patch was open, but I don't see a FlaggedRevs alert like in the Indonesian Wikipedia)? I have a discussion in, about replacing FlaggedRevs with the system in the English Wikipedia. The reason I'm posting here is that there is so many revisions that have been delayed, and FlaggedRevs applies to most articles (I think). The Indonesian Wikipedia is just too large for FlaggedRevs; I think FlaggedRevs is only suitable for wikis with under 10,000 articles. Unlike the Hungarian Wikipedia, where the opinions are mixed, the Indonesian Wikipedia has voted overwhelmingly in favor of replacing FlaggedRevs (95%) ( It sat closed (by Urbanecm) for 3 years and then I reopened it. I'm looking for developers that can replace FlaggedRevs. Thank you for reading.

AKlapper (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@Akmaie Ajam Hi, the Phabricator/Help page is for questions how to use the Wikimedia Phabricator website and software. For specific topics which are related to some task in Phabricator, please bring them up in that task in Phabricator: Comments in Phabricator should be directly related to fixing the task. For thoughts unrelated to the topic of the task (for example, meta-level discussions on priorities in general or on whether a new extension is wanted) should go to the appropriate mailing lists, wiki talk pages, or separate reports. For general information about software development priorities, see Bug management/Development prioritization. Thanks!