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PSA: Lockdown + SemanticACL + SimpleBatchUpload = Private Content in MW

Revansx (talkcontribs)

This is just a PSA for those wanting a way of providing a protected namespace for private content that is also able to automatically protect files uploaded from a page in that namespace. The goal on my site was to give management a place to upload sensitive management files that are not available to non-management users. Here's how I did it:

  1. Create a custom namespace called "Management"
  2. Create a custom rights group called "management"
  3. Use "Extension:Lockdown" to protect the "Management" namespace for user in the "management" right group
  4. Use "Extension:SimpleBatchUpload" in a page in the Management namespace to provide the methods of uploading files with a template of {{Upload|viewedonlyby=management}}
  5. Modify Template:Upload to test (#ifeq) for property {{{viewonlyby|}}} in {{Uploads}},
    • if so, then add [[Visible to group::management]] to all files uploaded with that template where |viewonlyby=management.
  6. Use Extension:Semantic_ACL to limit access to the file by group management per the presence of [[Visible to group::management]].
In summary: Custom Namespace + Lockdown + SimpleBatchUpload + SemanticACL produces the overall effect.

Within the security limitations noted by MW, this method provides a very nice way of allowing management to add content that is not visible to non-management users.. a very handy thing for an enterprise site!

Revansx (talkcontribs)

The wikitext {{#batchupload:Upload|viewonlyby=management}} will create an upload button in a page that will automatically protect any files uploaded by it as long as Template:Upload contains

| [[Visible to group::management]]
Tinss (talkcontribs)

Thank you for sharing your tips!

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