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after upgrade to 1.35.0 get error message about LatestSkinVersionRequirement not found

Summary by TiltedCerebellum

Different extraction software needed (talkcontribs)

[php7:error] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Vector\\FeatureManagement\\Requirements\\LatestSkinVersionRe

quirement' not found in /var/www/skins/Vector/includes/ServiceWiring.php:52\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/vendor/wikimedia/services/src/ServiceContainer.php(447

): Wikimedia\\Services\\ServiceContainer->{closure}(Object(MediaWiki\\MediaWikiServices))\n#1 /var/www/vendor/wikimedia/services/src/ServiceContainer.php(416): Wikimedia\\Se

rvices\\ServiceContainer->createService('Vector.FeatureM...')\n#2 /var/www/skins/Vector/includes/SkinVector.php(82): Wikimedia\\Services\\ServiceContainer->getService('Vecto

r.FeatureM...')\n#3 /var/www/skins/Vector/includes/SkinVector.php(47): SkinVector->isLegacy()\n#4 /var/www/includes/OutputPage.php(2497): SkinVector->getDefa

ultModules()\n#5 /var/www/includes/OutputPage.php(2604): OutputPage->loadSkinModules(Object(SkinVector))\n#6 /var/www/includes/exception/MWExceptionRenderer.

php(153): Outp in /var/www/skins/Vector/includes/ServiceWiring.php on line 52, referer:

Ammarpad (talkcontribs)

You should also update the Vector skin to the corresponding 1.35 branch. (talkcontribs)


at first I open .tar.gz with Midnight Commander and copy over previous version of Skins and it gives me this error

after your advice I use tar -xvzf mediawiki.1.35.0.tar.gz and then copy Vector to Skins and now all works without errors

then I do an experiment - compare to Vector folders:

diff -r -q Vector.tar Vector

and get:

Only in Vector/includes/FeatureManagement/Requirements: LatestSkinVersionRequirement.p

Only in Vector.tar/includes/FeatureManagement/Requirements: LatestSkinVersionRequirement.php

Only in Vector/tests/phpunit/integration/FeatureManagement/Requirements: LatestSkinVer

Only in Vector.tar/tests/phpunit/integration/FeatureManagement/Requirements: LatestSkinVersionRequirementTest.php

Only in Vector/tests/phpunit/unit/FeatureManagement/Requirements: DynamicConfigRequire

Only in Vector.tar/tests/phpunit/unit/FeatureManagement/Requirements: DynamicConfigRequirementTest.php

looks like Midnight Commander truncates filename after 77 char - very strange behavior - I must it report to Debian developers

thanks again @Ammarpad (talkcontribs)


if I archive 'mediawiki-1.35.0' with

tar -czvf mediawiki-1.35.0.tar.gz mediawiki-1.35.0

I get 48702355 .tar.gz file size instead of 48039474 original file size

and "unarchiving" it with Midnight Commander don't truncates pathname

that shows, that files at isn't built with same (take one or more):

- gz,

- tar,

- commandline.

as on my Debian 10 (up-to-date) system (talkcontribs)
Ieleja (talkcontribs) hosts proper and correct file

there is problem with used 'tar' - is it GNU, ISO or something else, and Midnight Commander uses some version, that corrupts when untars archive

it is very old problem:

Midnight Commander ticket #2201 is about 10 years old