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I see the the config section mentions 'mw-no-invert' and 'darkmode' classes you can add to your CSS so not everything is inverted, but neither of these seem to do anything for me. Is there another way? I like the dark mode option but some of my infobox colors and images that are inserted through CSS take away from the look when they're inverted and I'd like to keep them the same or add a dark-mode specific color. (talkcontribs)

Up, I don't get it too to be honest (talkcontribs)

Ok found it from a topic about some "less to css", actually you should not prefix with ".darkmode" but with ".client-dark-mode". Example for the main wiki logo :

/* Exclude logo to be change with or without DarkMode */

.client-dark-mode .mw-wiki-logo {

filter: invert( 1 ) hue-rotate( 180deg );


Enjoy :)

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