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Help - Cannot enable Page Previews on my wiki

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I just updated my mediawiki from 1.30 to 1.34 (including database upgrade and PHP version upgrade) specially for this extension. I did check if the dependencies mentioned on the extension's page are enabled and installed (one was commented out). Checked Preferences - no option to turn it on/off. I've added lines proposed on the extension's page to LocalSettings.php (not sure if in the correct place as I know nothing about php):






$wgPopupsHideOptInOnPreferencesPage = true;

$wgPopupsOptInDefaultState = '1';

$wgPopupsReferencePreviewsBetaFeature = false;

Page Previews do not appear. What to do?

Here's the wiki - wiki.mrowki dot ovh (talkcontribs)

Somehow it started working on its own. This is probably the only translated Extension name on my Specia:Version list... (I can't ask "why?" enough).

The next problem is, popups do not display images (its a white rectangle space instead of an image). Most of my pages have images put in infoboxes made of HTML code, not sure if this does break things. Is there a way to hide images?

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