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Misibacsi (talkcontribs)

I edited an article today ([[:hu:Bismarck (csatahajó) ]]). When I intended to save my modifications, the "Two Column Edit Conflict View" warned me of a conflict with another editor. I have sent him a message, but he did not respond. I did not "save" my modifications yet!

Meanwhile I checked the differences between the two versions, and I noticed, that only I modified the article, the "other" editor did not. However, the article was somehow saved, with the name of the other editor, but the content was my modifications!

Here is the link to the differences:

The histrory says "2020. május 24., 15:22‎ Sepultura", which is incorrect, because editor Sepultura says he did not edit the article.

More importantly I recognize my text (under his name).

Robin Strohmeyer (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Hi @Misibacsi, we looked into your request last week and tried to understand what was going on here.

It is quite a head scratcher, to be honest.

After going through the version history, it seems to us as if you and Sepultura made very similar edits (maybe following a convention?). Thus, our best interpretation so far is that the text you thought to recognize as your own actually comes from Sepultura and just looks very similar to your edits.

Do you think that’s possible?

PS: Unfortunately, we don’t have any Hungarian speakers on our end, so we had to rely on auto-translation for our research. This might have led to misinterpretations of the situation - apologies if that is the case. If we misunderstood anything, please let us know. Robin Strohmeyer (WMDE)

Misibacsi (talkcontribs)

It seems you are right: we made very similar edits (following conventions and mostly correcting typos). When I saw the article some minutes later, I was sure that "these were my edits". Which was strange, because I did not save my edits.

Meanwhile I wrote to the other editor several times, but he did not respond.

As I did not receive answers from him, I thought, that the "History" of the article contains a mistake as those were my edits and not his.

Later he admitted, that he made modifications and when he finished editing he left his home, so he could answer to my questions. (Much later he returned and answered to me).

So, it is settled, sorry for the inconvenience, but I thought I found a serious software bug in the system... (fortunately it was not the case).

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