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Impossible to publish translated page due to "not enough experienced editor" message

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I just translated the italian version of my Company page into english, but unfortunately I can not publish it, just save it as Draft, because "publishing is only allowed to more experienced editors on this wiki"

How can I solve the problem? How many contributions should I make in order to become a trusted contributor and be able to publish my translated page?

Is there any other way to solve the issue? For instance changing language? Please give me any tips!!

3ICE (talkcontribs)

Conflict of interest? You are not allowed to write about yourself or your company. (Nor hire a wiki editor to write about it.) Such things need to happen naturally, by other people. Otherwise everyone would be blogging on endlessly about themselves. (We all think we are more notable than everyone else.)

I too got started on Wikipedia by writing pages upon pages about myself. Until I learned the rules. Now those pages are deleted of course. I got my own website, I will not use Wikipedia as a free web host.

Edit: Merely translating what was written about you by others might be an exception to this rule. As long as you didn't write the Italian article yourself.

Edit 2: I may have been able to track your company down: Marca Corona (one of the companies of the Concorde group) — reviewing its edit history it is clear there's a CoI issue here. Sure, "you" only edited the logo and slogan recently, but "your other computer" at wrote the rest. (Along with‎ Robby1978~itwiki.) IP address difference of only one number. (106 vs 107)

Edit 3: (I added to the first two paragraphs.) The work you did should not go to waste though. Ask Robby to publish it in your stead. Or create an account yourself. But make sure you disclose your ownership:

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