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[fixed] duplicating link [edit] and table of content after save page

WeekThor (talkcontribs)

When editing a page in the form, a TOC and links [edit] after the headers appear. After saving the TOC and links [edit] are duplicated.

MediaWiki: 1.34.0

WikiEditor: 0.5.0

WYSIWYG: 1.5.6_0 [B551+18.09.2018]

CKEditor: 4.6.2 (revision 20af917)

WeekThor (talkcontribs)

https://imgur com/a/ tEvNBk9 (i can add link...)

WeekThor (talkcontribs)

I fix it by replacing in the file extensions/WYSIWYG/CKeditorParser.body.php:





on lines: 1201,1202,1224,1236,1240,1246,1255,1262,1271,1275,1276,1277,1280,1282,1286 (all matches)

Drumst (talkcontribs)

typo correction: replace (all 15 matches)



But thank you very much for this solution!