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In-VE User Guide link - error Bad title

Summary by TiltedCerebellum

OP determined which page the setting was on and fixed what someone previously disabled

TiltedCerebellum (talkcontribs)

I can't seem to find an option to set a different URL for the VE User Guide page and it currently attempts to go to an invalid internal URL ( Not sure why. Any clue on how this can be set/changed? I didn't see an option in the documentation, I'm probably missing something.

Also, VE seems to work great with Mediawiki responsive skin Pivot. I had to make only one small tweak to the CSS for it, and it now works perfectly. :) TiltedCerebellum (talk) 04:50, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

It's expecting you to have "mw" as an interwiki to, which is built-in. It seems like you've removed it, and so broken that link?

TiltedCerebellum (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the clarification, I think I figured out how to fix it. It is a friend's wiki and I don't know why they changed this but looks like the correct interwiki address is there but they disabled forward. Works now with foward enabled TiltedCerebellum (talk) 22:04, 16 December 2019 (UTC)

Maiden taiwan (talkcontribs)

I have this problem too, even though the interwiki prefix "mw" is defined on my site. I can create a link [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Help:VisualEditor/User_guide]] in an article and it works just fine. But inside VisualEditor, when I select the help link "Read the user guide", it's invalidly linked to http://name-of-my-wiki/Mw:Special:MyLanguage/Help:VisualEditor/User_guide. This is with MW 1.34.1.

How did you solve it? What does "they disabled forward" mean?

I looked in wp_interwiki, and iw_local = 0. I set its value to 1 but this did not change the behavior. (I also restarted Apache & memcached and ran maintenance/runJobs.php just in case.)

Thank you.

TiltedCerebellum (talkcontribs)

I went to Special:Interwiki and in the Interwiki Prefixes tablem I made sure the URL was correct and made sure its corresponding prefix and url were correct and under the "Forward" column that it was enabled.