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Link to a new version of the prototype

Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Hello all,

I just updated the link to the prototype to a new version (v 3.0). Thanks to the feedback we received during and after Wikimania, we've been able to understand better what people need and improve some features.

Please note that this is still a "click dummy", with only certain reactive paths and areas where you can click on, not a full developed test system. If you get stuck, you can press "R" or click on "Restart" on the bottom right corner.

What changed:

  • the reference section was updated to be more visible
  • we added a new type of screen, "data type not supported", to warn users when a data type is (not yet) supported by the Bridge. You can access it by clicking on the coordinates.
  • another new type of screen is permission screens, that you can test by clicking on the map. This kind of screen will appear only when the user is trying to edit something without having the permission. The text and display is still to be improved, feel free to give us feedback.

What we're still working on:

  • cancel and save buttons for references
  • path to Wikidata not included yet
  • path to history not included yet
  • license notice not included yet

Feel free to try this updated prototype and give us feedback!

For your information, we're running a bit late on the timeline that is presented on the overview page, I'll give you a more detailed update at the end of November.

Thanks, Léa

Bouzinac (talkcontribs)

When someone type in "new" values (with or without ref, I don't care : I don't understand why there is such a debate, whatever) ; will the new value be "upranked", and the other pre-existent value(s) be "downranked"/deprecated ?

Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your feedback. Editing ranks will not be part of the first version of the feature, but that's an idea we keep for later.

Bouzinac (talkcontribs)

So there will be multiples values each times someone edit a property ?

Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

If the user states that the value is wrong, the value will be changed in Wikidata - no new value will be added.

If the value is outdated, then yes the outdated value will be kept in Wikidata and a new one will be added.

Ayack (talkcontribs)

But if the outdated value had a preferred rank, what will happen? The new value will be created with a normal rank and so won't be displayed in the infobox? Or the old value will be downranked and the new upranked? Or created with a normal rank?

Bouzinac (talkcontribs)

So the outdated value should be automatically be downranked...let's hope it will be finally implemented

Ayack (talkcontribs)

No, the outdated value should not be be downranked (it was true at a point in time), it's the new value that should be upranked.

Charlie Kritschmar (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Hello @Ayack and @Bouzinac, the idea is that we will down rank the previously preferred value to normal and set the newly added value to preferred instead. We will not be deprecating values from the bridge. If the former value was already at a normal rank then the new value will be set to preferred.

There is currently no option to just add an additional value of the same rank via the bridge.

Jsamwrites (talkcontribs)

References is now well highlighted. Is it possible to add multiple references from multiple sources?

Charlie Kritschmar (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Hi @Jsamwrites, It will be possible to add multiple references from multiple sources. The current prototype doesn't represent this functionality well yet.

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