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Piramidion (talkcontribs)

Hi! I've been using the editor for some time after it first came out, but I abandoned it. Now I decided to give it another try, but found, that its major issues (which are quite crucial for me) haven't been resolved. They are:

  • Having to click twice (instead of one click) to publish the changes. There's plenty of space below the edit field, so why don't you make the "publish changes" and edit summary window static instead of an annoying pop-up?
  • A signature button that is difficult to reach. Again, 3 clicks instead of one, just to insert my signature. It should be more prominent, at least on talk pages.

The above adds up to 5 clicks in total. I'm a sysop on my home project, and sometimes I summarize tens of discussions in a single day. Having to make 3 extra clicks every time I close a discussion, is really, really annoying (at least for a person accustomed to a regular wikitext editor). I, personally, would like the 2017 wikitext editor to be either adjusted, or made adjustable (user-side), so that I could actually use it

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