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VIGNERON (talkcontribs)


For more than 10 days (see Topic:V6o2yca2g42y7rxu), on the French Wikipedia (at least) and apparently for *all users* there, the interwiki links (stored in Wikidata) are not added any more. I checked randomly amongst the last translations, none had the link (by different users and on different days).

@Amire80, Pginer-WMF:

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback, @VIGNERON.

This is an important regression, and we plan to fix it. You can check this ticket to track the progress and add further comments.

In the past we got reports of similar problems that were just a delay due to the cache, and we initially assumed that to be the origin until we could investigate further.

Thanks for the report!

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