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Pavithraes (talkcontribs)

What purpose will this page serve?

Main purpose: Try to establish a set of guidelines to better prioritize and categorize the technical documentation requests.

Things to include (in no particular order)

  • Walk-through of the documentation work-board, i.e., explain the types of documentation requests
  • What, when, where, why, who and how for filing a ticket
  • Privilege info - categorization, triaging, prioritization (parts that should only be managed by admins)
  • Additional notes
    • Following up
    • Continuous improvement, etc.
  • Guidelines? TL;DR section? A brief checklist of sort?
  • Help section
Pavithraes (talkcontribs)

How about creating sample tasks on Phabricator (on personal instance or testing site) for the examples section?

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